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Bloodthirsty – Symbion Project (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I always feel that if music causes us broken down scribblers to start inventing new musical labels and generic pigeonholes just to try to explain where it fits in to the grand scheme of things, the plan that only the … Continue reading

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Different Note/Beat Before Breakdown – Suburban Vermin (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The wonderfully named Suburban Vermin continue their mission to pour all the snottiest, surliest, most belligerent and confrontational strains of music from the contemporary era into their sonic cauldron and create a new musical soup for the current disaffected and … Continue reading

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Bleed 432 – Roddan (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Some things just remain part of modern history. The sleek lines of a Volkswagen Beetle, the iconic shape of a Coca-Cola bottle, the fit of the blue jean, the sound of the classic singer-songwriter. And that is exactly where Roddan … Continue reading

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Flux – Anomie Belle (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Timeless is a word that is banded around all too readily, mainly applied to music which has stood the test of time but which largely sounds very much of its era. Isn’t that more to do with survival and comfort … Continue reading

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Die Miss America – Suburban Vermin (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Music historians will tell you that Punk, in its original form, evolved from two separate sources. In America, the nucleus was a New York scene of garage rock bands, musical hustlers and street urchins, in the UK bored London art … Continue reading

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New Music of the Day : LXVIII – Only Friend – Valley Maker

Life rarely provides obvious answers. But if you appreciate the beauty and wonder of exploring its complex mysteries, then Seattle’s Valley Maker deserves your undivided attention. Recorded on opposite ends of the country, and composed during a nomadic period spanning … Continue reading

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Carl Barat and The Jackals on tour

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Kevin Devine on tour

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Stoned to Death – Fox and The Law (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If I’m honest I was at their gig mainly to catch support act The Greasy Slicks, a band that seemed to channel that same retro-rock/blues collision that Burning Tree did so well. But even on a cold, Monday night in … Continue reading

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