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Mary and The Ram –  The Cross (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

No matter what anyone tells you about current musical fashions, what the zeitgeist might happen to be blowing in from cooler taste making circles, what the papers say is the next big thing or any of that sort of rhetoric, … Continue reading

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The Taste of Mark Morriss – Mark Morriss (Acid Jazz Records) reviewed by Dave Franklin

I must confess that whilst most reviews of this album are going to open with Morriss’s credentials or the announcement of a Bluetones reunion tour, the reason this album excited me was the fact that he covers Sisters of Mercy’s … Continue reading

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Cultural Revolutions – with Dave Franklin

DAA founder, Dave Franklin, looks at 5 albums that impacted on his younger musical brain and have stayed with him over the years. First and Last and Always – The Sisters of Mercy (1985)  Standing at that point when an underground … Continue reading

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Songs of Candlelight and Razorblades – Wayne Hussey (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Although a big fan of The Sisters of Mercy and the earlier Mission albums, I have to confess that I lost touch with Wayne Hussey’s musical path a long time ago, for no other reason that there is only so … Continue reading

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New Music of The Day : V – Cold Life – Terminal Gods

Classic Rock magazine described Terminal Gods saying “Imagine a world in which Andrew Eldritch kept his hair and his leather jacket, and instead of doing crossword puzzles for the last decade, he spent his time cracking skulls in biker bars. ” … Continue reading

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