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Strip Me Bare –  Joel Leffler (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

We have got so used to fashionably attired guys wielding a guitar and sporting just the right beard, looking the part but, sadly, not delivering. Either they undersell you some sort of cliched indie-pop that appears to have come off … Continue reading

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Suburban Wildlife  –  Big Merino (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The art of pinning down a band in just a few generic descriptions or a handy soundbite is the stock-in-trade of the music reviewer but I have to admit that it will take a better man than me to concisely … Continue reading

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Scene and Heard  –  CCLXXXVIII  Honey Dear  –  Daniel Alejandro (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The worlds of pop and the strains of the classical world may seem worlds apart but on Honey Dear, Daniel Alejandro proves that the two can, not only co-exist, but do so to great effect. The focal point of the … Continue reading

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In Trouble –  Joel Sarakula (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Whilst other artists try to create the future, attempt to build new genres, force musical styles together in an attempt to stay ahead of the curve, Joel Sarakula knows that there is a better way. He carefully sifts through the … Continue reading

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Darkness  – RaR ft. Elizabeth Robinson (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

This may be the sort of music that the likes of David Guetta can write in his sleep, but sadly, more often than not David Guetta sounds like he is writing in his sleep. Maybe it is time for him … Continue reading

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Scene and Heard CCXXXI : Only U – JDR (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Pop music may be a young persons scene but that doesn’t mean that the market will put up with a lower standard product than any other genre. Far from it, if you want to keep the pop dollar on side … Continue reading

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Hunger – Lucy Mason (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

It’s always good to go with initial reactions, let the heart and soul get in first, before the head gets a chance to over think things. My first reaction upon hearing Hunger is “why doesn’t all pop music sound like … Continue reading

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Prescription – Nite Fields (Felte/Lost Race Records) reviewed by Dave Franklin

Any band that lists their influences a “Micheal Hutchence on a rope” is always going to warrant a closer look. To some this might seem like a tasteless piece of rhetoric, to me it is a coded message to those … Continue reading

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