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A Sudden Warmness –  Cherry Coloured (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

They say that one swallow does not a summer make, similarly two bands does not quite equate to a scene, but from the outside looking in with bands such as Screens 4 Eyes and now Amit Buium working under the … Continue reading

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New Music of the Day – CXCVIII: Channel to Id – Screens 4 Eyes

Things I like: Strange dystopian fantasy. Dream-pop. New music coming at me from unexpected places. Strong and emotive female vocals. Narrative videos (even if I’m not sure what they really mean it beats a dance routine or a performance any … Continue reading

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Behind These Doors – Screens 4 Eyes (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

As the music from this album washes out of my speakers and I sit here staring at the artwork before me, it dawns on me just what a great visual representation of the music it is. The cover, like the … Continue reading

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Iktelan – Zoo Harmonics (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If you chose to see 2014’s Business in the Front, Party in the Back as a mission statement, that pop-punk can be cleverer and more demanding of itself, then you will also see Iktelan as nothing short of delivering on … Continue reading

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Business in the Front, Party in the Back – Zoo Harmonics (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The blurb that accompanies Zoo Harmonics debut album states that they “came to destroy the neo-punk scene, not to praise it” …all very Shakespearean! I’m not sure about destroying the genre but they have certainly done their bit to move … Continue reading

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