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Scene and Heard – CCLXVIII : Gingers (or We Ain’t Got No Souls) – The Amber Bugs (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

As a country we have a funny relationship with our redheads. It borders on racism, rubbish racism, but racism none the less. The sort of racism that is limited to someone shouting GINGERRRRRRR! across the street at the russet bonced … Continue reading

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Whistle Down The Wind  –  Joan Baez (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

It is very easy when dealing with artists so deeply woven into the history of music as Joan Baez is to break out the hyperbole; there is plenty of it surrounding her and it is well deserved. Since her debut … Continue reading

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Desert Road –  Moonshine Booze (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Whilst one end of the music industry seems always to seek perfection in a singular genre, the quest presumably to be the definitive rock band or the quintessential folk band, doffing hats to tradition and expectation, I for one prefer … Continue reading

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We All Want The Same Things – Craig Finn (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Anyone who is a fan of the mid-20th century, classic American novel will appreciate the voice that Finn uses to weave his small town narratives. It is the same voice you find chattering away at the heart of Bukowski and … Continue reading

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