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New Music of The Day – CLXXVI : Just How She Died – Tommy Hale and The Magnificent Bastards

Like most musical labels employed by journalists and music tribe devotees, Americana, roots…even alt-country seem to have lost any meaning rather quickly. Despite hailing from a part of the world where those labels are used in abundance, Tommy Hale is … Continue reading

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Magnificent Bastard – Tommy Hale (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Is it really nine years since the sure-footed tones of Stolen Conversations… first washed into my ears? Tempus does indeed fugit but what has changed? Well, in many ways not much. The same alt-country, punk, pop, soul and rock’n’roll influences … Continue reading

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Stolen Conversations, Three Chords and The Truth – Tommy Hale (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The world inhabited by Tommy Hale’s songs seems a much brighter place these days. Not that it was ever overly morbid or dark, but his previous album, Far From Grace did seemed to be peopled by some fairly lost souls; … Continue reading

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