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Breathe – Erica James (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Breathe is the perfect sound for the modern music fan, just the right blend of old school familiarity and new ideas and the result is a slick and groove-laden, R&B infused track, one perfect for the clubland dance floor and … Continue reading

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Free  – Collins and Streiss (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Obviously more by accident than design but Collins and Streiss’s sound owes something to their initials and all that implies. If they became a trio by incorporating someone whose surname began with an N then the CS&N moniker would be … Continue reading

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Scene and Heard- CCXXVIII: Powerlines – Lowest of The Low (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

It has been a long time since the last album from Lowest of The Low, did Sordid Fiction really come out in 2004, it would seem so. But for any band coming back with an album which kicks off with … Continue reading

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Learning to Let Go – Josh Taerk (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Sometimes you read an artists bio and think, “Hmm, this is more about what they want to sound like than what actually do.” You know the ones, rock bands who claim to be influenced by the Clash and The Foo … Continue reading

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Phil Cooper’s A Welcome in The Wild Tour of Canada

Our good friend and splendid acoustic pop chap, Phil Cooper, has just announced that this year his musical travels will see him wander even further than usual as he heads off to Canada. If you live within travelling distance of … Continue reading

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Admission – Dearly Beloved (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If opening salvo RIP comes at the listener like a train crashing headlong through the worse storm in living memory whilst the brakeman plays early Black Sabbath tunes on broken bagpipes, at least you can’t say that you haven’t been … Continue reading

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Mended With Gold – The Rural Alberta Advantage (Paper Bag Records) reviewed by Dave Franklin

It famously worked for Bon Iver, Mike Oldfield and probably hundreds of others so why not give it a go. Rent a cottage in the middle of the wilderness (or in Oldfield’s case a holiday home on the Welsh borders) … Continue reading

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I Tried – David Celia

From the outside, the world of the modern musician may be perceived to be one of tour busses, jet setting, swimming pools and all the glitz and glamour of the celebrity lifestyle. Peel away that wafer thin and largely false … Continue reading

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