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There She Is – Be Like Pablo (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

  From this video it is pretty obvious that they have played the off Weezer album from time to time but that’s alright as the LA four piece were themselves a conduit for earlier influences – pop punk, indie, power … Continue reading

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The Taste of Mark Morriss – Mark Morriss (Acid Jazz Records) reviewed by Dave Franklin

I must confess that whilst most reviews of this album are going to open with Morriss’s credentials or the announcement of a Bluetones reunion tour, the reason this album excited me was the fact that he covers Sisters of Mercy’s … Continue reading

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The Gromble – Don’t Stand a Chance

Closely following recent hit single ‘Slam’, The Gromble return with ‘Don’t Stand A Chance’ – a chorus-less allegory, orchestrally-backed inferiority complex, part nod to modern synth-pop, part nod to Siamese Dream-era Smashing Pumpkins, complete with a Randy Newman outro rip-off…. … Continue reading

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