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TC&I goes live

Today saw the announcement of some long-awaited news for many. After a 36-year wait, XTC’s COLIN MOULDING and TERRY CHAMBERS are announcing they will play series of live UK shows. After releasing their debut ‘Great Aspirations‘ CD under the moniker TC&I ten … Continue reading

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Mark Fisher and The XTC Bumper Book of Fun For Boys and Girls @ Swindon Central Library

We live in an information age. Actually we live in a too much information age, especially when it comes to knowing about your favourite bands. There was a time when musicians where a thing of mystery, strange nocturnal creatives, slinging … Continue reading

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TC and me: A cup of tea and a chat with Colin Moulding and Terry Chambers

With the E.P. Great Aspirations seeing Colin Mounding and Terry Chambers musically reunited, we sat down for a chat about all things TC&I, past, present and future, in that order. So the first question is to ask if it really … Continue reading

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Scene and Heard – CCXXIII : Scatter Me –  TC&I  (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There have been many songs about what Mr Shakespeare so eloquently refered to as “shuffling off this mortal coil” and it is part of the human experience to muse on what happens after we are done with this life, but … Continue reading

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Great Aspirations – TC&I (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

It is always difficult for musicians associated with a past name act to bring fresh music to the table without people trying to join dots and name check, extrapolate and reference, particularly if that previous act was one which rose … Continue reading

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The CIRCU5 comes to town: A chat with Steve Tilling

As his long-awaited CIRCU5 album lands with a satisfying thud, I secured a ringside seat with Steve Tilling to get the inside scoop. Steve has been a familiar face on Swindon stages, and those further afield over the years. So … Continue reading

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That Wave – Fassine (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

It initially seems like an odd step for my new, favourite purveyors of ultra-chic, hi-concept, cinematic, alt-pop to cover my home town’s most famous musical sons, but once you get your head around the idea you realise that there is … Continue reading

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Humble Pie – Sergeant Buzfuz (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

In these times of descriptive hyperbole and overstatement it seems as if a day doesn’t go by without a “totally unique” band being wafted my way. In fact these one in a million bands crop up nine times out of … Continue reading

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Constellation Prize – Cursor Major (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

It’s probably a phrase that has followed them around since it was levelled at their first release but “kookiness is next to godliness” might be the most succinct summation of Cursor Major ever penned. Capturing the feel of those underground … Continue reading

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