Exploring the world of Screens 4 Eyes

11889571_503026073195549_5537214810467763700_nHaving written about Tel Aviv dream-pop outfit Screens 4 Eyes for a while now, we thought it was time to find out a bit more about them and so we sat down with Yael Brener to dig a little deeper into the band and its music.

Firstly it is an interesting name for a band, is there any deeper meaning behind you choosing it?

I started to feel more and more haunted at the time by the new technology era, which so much have already been said and written about. I realized my own life is now totally mediated by screens. My office day job, my then long distance relationship, listening to and making music etc. I was in terror when hearing about the google glasses invention, talking about the ability to – for example – scan the people in front of you and know if they’re lying, or other details about them. Losing all sense of mystery, humanity, curiosity to discover.

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